About Magic Immersive

Take a step into intrigue, mystery, and wonder with the world-premiere of Magic Immersive. A labyrinth of magical rooms transporting audiences to different decades in time, Magic Immersive takes you on an immersive journey through the evolution of magic as the world’s most famous illusionists share their deepest secrets. Conceived by British high-tech magician, Jamie Allan (iMagician), this is the first time audiences can marvel at the greatest illusions up close – all in a socially-distanced setting.

Upon entry to the Magic Immersive experience, each socially distanced group journeys through time and place with truly unique encounters over their one-hour passage. Each of the four galleries integrated into the exhibition features a presentation that moves each group through the various ages and mysteries of magic spanning hundreds of years. While keeping a sense of mystery and adventure, Magic Immersive aims to allow the general public a peek behind the curtain to learn about the art of magic through spectacular effects and illusions in an up-close and personal experience.

All guests will be required to visit all rooms under the careful orchestration of our Magic Guides. Magic Guides will be assigned to each group upon their arrival at Magic Immersive.

Palais Royale

Hosted by Harry Houdini in an incredible hologram experience, this will be a worldwide first using dual-layer 3D volumetric hologram technologies and methodologies to create incredible magic. You will be amazed at how Houdini can control your thoughts during this stunning interactive mind-reading experience!

The Egyptian Hall

You will travel back in time to the Golden Age of Magic to visit the Great Egyptian Hall in London. You will be amazed at this turn-of-the-century performance with incredible illusions and immersive room effects all themed around the rules of Magic, Levitation, Vanishings, Appearances, and much more!

On-Air Studios

Starring superstars of magic Penn & Teller. Celebrate the coming of age of the past five decades of magic on TV with an array of monitors in our On-Air Studios. You will even participate in a stunning illusion in your own hands and fool yourselves!

Evo-lusion Theatre

This ultra-modern venue takes you into a whole new world presenting a glimpse into the future of the evolution of magic and technology. This finale is the last stop in the Magic Immersive featuring high energy illusions surrounded by high res LED video technology and an immersive rousing soundscape of music. See amazing large scale illusions closer than ever before!