I want to change the name on my tickets

The name on your tickets is for buyer and COVID tracing info only, and there is no change of name required.

Anyone who has access to the tickets can use them. The buyer is responsible for tracking COVID-19 information within their party.

I want to upgrade/downgrade.

Please contact us at ticketing@magicimmersive.com to upgrade your tickets prior to arrival.

Unfortunately, we cannot downgrade tickets and we don’t know why you would want to!

I need to reschedule

To reschedule your tickets, please visit our Change of Date Request page.

Dates and tickets are subject to availability. Requests must be made a minimum of 48 hours prior to your scheduled attendance time.

Please note there is a $9.99 rescheduling fee per ticket in addition to any price differences between tickets.

Last-minute Change of Date requests will not be honored.