Terms and Conditions



All tickets are non-refundable.

The holder of a valid ticket is admitted to the exhibition on the condition that the holder agrees, and by use of the ticket does so agree in favor of the producer and the exhibition owner (Lighthouse Magic Maze USA Inc.), to the following terms and conditions. Any violation of these terms will entitle Lighthouse Magic Maze USA Inc. and its subsidiaries to, as applicable, seize or cancel the ticket, withdraw the license granted below, refuse admission, and/or expel a ticket-holder, in each case without payment of any refund or other compensation.

The ticket is a personal, revocable license. Lost, stolen or destroyed tickets will not be honored. Tickets may not be resold or offered for resale by anyone without the written permission of Lighthouse Magic Maze USA Inc. and its’ subsidiaries and may not be resold at a price exceeding their face value at any time.

The ticket may not be used for advertising, promotion, or for any other trade purposes.

Tickets obtained from any source other than Lighthouse Magic Maze Inc., Universe, or their authorized agents may be lost, stolen, or counterfeit tickets and may not be honored.

The license may be withdrawn and admission refused at any time upon refunding the printed purchase price, including in the event of cancellation of the performance or exhibition.

The ticket holder must ensure that the holder and any minors or others for whom the holder is responsible conduct themselves appropriately and in a manner that is not determined by Lighthouse Magic Maze USA Inc. or its representatives to be objectionable or disturbing to other patrons.

Children cannot enter the exhibition without adult accompaniment. Children are classified as under 16 years of age. Anyone under 16, must be accompanied at all times by an adult 21+ throughout the exhibition. Children under the age of 16, must have a valid ticket for entrance into the exhibition. Children 3 years old and younger will not be admitted.

A child aged 6-16, may be required to present identification if the exhibit attendant deems identification necessary.


The following items are restricted, may not be brought into the exhibition and may be confiscated by exhibition staff: illegal drugs, weapons of any kind, bottles, cans, or any food or beverage products purchased outside the venue. The ticket-holder consents to a reasonable examination of the holder’s person and belongings to ensure compliance with these terms.

We encourage you to leave your valuables, large bags, and other personal belongings at home. For the safety of our visitors and the exhibition, all bags entering or leaving the exhibition, including purses, are subject to inspection.

Backpacks and duffel bags are not permitted in the exhibition. Patrons entering with such items will be subject to check their bag at bag check for $2

Additional prohibited Items

The following items are not permitted in the exhibition at any time:

  • Backpacks and duffle bags
  • Paints and aerosols
  • Indelible markers
  • Weapons of any type
  • Outside beverages (including alcohol)
  • Food of any type is not permitted in the exhibition.
  • Any item prohibited under the Criminal Code
  • Any item deemed by Exhibition Security to be inappropriate

The ticket-holder grants to Lighthouse Magic Maze USA Inc. and authorized agents (Starvox Exhibits, Starvox Entertainment, Show One Productions, Lighthouse Immersive) a fully-paid, perpetual right to all photographs, video or audio recordings of the holder taken or made at the Exhibition and the right to record, use, reproduce, broadcast, sell and distribute any photographs, video or audio recordings for any purpose.

Your email address, required to complete your online order and used to send you exhibition reminders and electronic receipts, will receive ongoing special offers, priority ticket opportunities and event announcements from Lighthouse Magic Maze USA Inc. and its’ subsidiaries Lighthouse Immersive, Starvox Entertainment, Starvox Exhibits and Show One Productions. You may opt-out at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link from any email received.

The ticket-holder voluntarily assumes all risk and danger of personal injury and hazards arising from or related in any way to the exhibition, whether occurring prior to, during or after the event and releases Lighthouse Magic Maze USA Inc. and its’ subsidiaries from all liability.


The venue at 380 N State St, Chicago, IL 60654, USA will be fully accessible. Please check back regularly for further updates if needed.

Attendants supporting persons with disabilities receive free admission to the exhibition. Persons with disabilities may request an attendant ticket by emailing ticketing@magicimmersive.com or by visiting the box office on arrival at the exhibition.

Any person with a disability who is accompanied by a support person is allowed to enter the exhibition premises with his or her support person. At no time will a person with a disability who is accompanied by a support person be prevented from having access to his or her support person while on the exhibition premises.

A visitor with a disability may need to use an alternate means of communication to ask for and understand information provided by Magic Immersive. We will identify and offer the most effective and courteous two-way communication with a visitor with a disability.

Service animals are welcome in all public-facing areas of the exhibition. We request guests with non-traditional service animals to contact the exhibition in advance of their visit. Guests bringing a service animal without visible identification may be asked for documentation from healthcare provider.


All tickets are timed admission tickets.

VIP TICKET HOLDERS: Please arrive 35 minutes prior to your scheduled event start time to receive a full VIP experience.

BASIC and PREMIUM TICKET HOLDERS: Please arrive 15 mins prior to your scheduled event start time.A fee is required to change the date/time of your tickets.

Requests must be made at least 48hrs prior to the scheduled time of your tickets.


To request a change of date, please go to magicimmersive.com/faq

For full public event hours please visit magicimmersive.com